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July 2016

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    Adventures, World Peace - Part 1

    CZECH REPUBLIC, PART 2: Lingering thoughts

    July 28, 2016,

    Version française en-dessous There is more to Czech Republic than just Prague. Beautiful landscapes dotted with villages the names of which seem unpronounceable at first but which become part of our vocabulary because of the wonderful people we meet. My friends Gaila and Tad founded MotoStays (www.motostays.com) to connect bikers and hosts throughout the world. In Prague we had lunch with MotoStays host Odrej who kindly shared with us all the places he thought we

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    Adventures, World Peace - Part 1

    CZECH REPUBLIC, PART 1: The Magic of Prague

    July 20, 2016,

    Version française en-dessous Prague is a hard act to follow for any city in the world. Prague filled me with a sense of Magic. Thousands of life-size statues are looking at me, engaged and connecting. In fact I am finding it difficult to call them “statues”. I looked it up: a

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    Adventures, World Peace - Part 1

    ITALY: The Floating Piers – a Christo and Jeanne-Claude Installation

    July 6, 2016,

    Pour les francophones: version française en-dessous  Nothing could prepare me for Christo and Jeanne Claude’s latest installation in Lago Iseo, Italy. I had visited their website, looked at tons of photos on Google, read articles. They had worked on it since 1974. No, nothing could prepare me for Christo’s installation. No amount of research would make me understand that by merely