Armenia (2001)

Standing Witness: Remembering Armenia

In addition to being a beautiful country of rich and ancient history, Armenia is also the country where my father was born the year of the Genocide by the Turks (1915). My grandfather died in 1920 and my grandmother, with a bible as sole luggage, immediately escaped to Greece with her children. A week later, her entire village was massacred. My father and aunt were sent to an orphanage in Switzerland where they spent the rest of their lives. My family’s miraculous escape and life in exile as well as the many stories I was told as a child lead me to grow an unwavering awareness of the world’s condition.

A 2000 King County Arts Commission grant allowed me to focus my energy on developing this new body of work. My intention with these images is to reach beyond the tragedy of one particular people, and bear witness to the senseless bloodsheds, which punctuate our history – past and present.

These prints are the results of combining print techniques and digital technology. I often start with woodblock, monotype and/or collagraph to create the backgrounds, incorporating images of people and places using photocopy lithography and/or photoetching.

I view this particular process much like a dance between the many plates, the press, and myself. The outcome is a unique print, which reveals a small piece of a larger story.

The prints in this series are 22″x30″ monoprints. Most of them are sold but if you are interested, please contact Dionne.