Bridges (2004)


Monoprint, 30"x22", $1200


We live in a world where personal gain, self-indulgence, and power are the privileges of a few, while entire cultures are silently being wiped out,. I consider myself a witness and exploring the way individual lives are altered by political events is the fuel to my artistic dedication. The concept of the bridge symbolizes my need for attempting to reconcile my fulfilling life with the flood of misery taking place every day.

This new series, “Bridges”, is inspired from the US intervention in Afghanistan. I focus on the humanist stories – lives of ordinary people in warstruck countries, and the way in which our lives are interwoven with theirs. Though we read about them in the papers, we often keep our emotional distance by viewing them as an impersonal mass. I find myself searching for intimacy through close-up portraits, resolved to highlight our universal similarities – a father’s concern over his child’s sickness, children after school, fleeing refugees. The intention behind my work is always to reach beyond the tragedy of one particular people, and bear witness to the senseless bloodsheds which punctuate our history – past and present.

In my artwork I combine drawings, photographs, traditional print techniques, collage and digital technology. I often start with creating an environment, and then build the personal stories into it by layering images of people, places, objects, and cultural elements. While the layers soften the highly emotional content with mystery and abstraction, the use of bright colors and images of children is my way of factoring hope into the equation of our immediate future. I view this particular approach much like a dance where each step is a response to the previous one.


The prints in this series are 30″x22″ monoprints. Sale price is $1200 each. Several have already been sold, please contact Dionne for availability.