About “World Peace One Friendship At A Time”

World Peace One Friendship At A Time:  Who is it? What is it? And how can you get involved?


Co-Proprietor of BallardWorks Seeks to Use Art as Connection to Real People Impacted by World Politics

    • (Seattle, WA – March 23, 2016)  Dionne Haroutunian, Seattle artist and co-proprietor of BallardWorks, announces the launch of 4Art&Adventure, whose mission is to use art to connect with the real people around the world who are impacted by world politics. Haroutunian will embark on a six-month journey throughout Eastern Europe, Turkey and maybe Iran leaving Seattle on May 9th and returning on November 15th.  She will be travelling via motorcycle with Seattle photojournalist Mike Cooks who will document the journey.
    • “My vision is to create a web of human connections worldwide to counteract escalating fear and prejudice in order to find the thread that unites us all,” says Haroutunian. “I believe that it is within our power as individuals to counter political developments with personal relationships.”
    • To achieve her goal, Haroutunian will travel by motorcycle throughout the world to meet people and form lasting friendships by experiencing their culture and sharing her own. Through her artwork and writing, she will create an online community.  An avid motorcyclist, she has chosen this mode of travel because she has discovered that motorcycles remove the separation between environment and self, and facilitate meaningful conversations and interactions with strangers, which perfectly supports for her mission.
    • “Through social connections, I will turn faraway countries into faces, and work to make it impossible for anybody to listen to the news without seeing the real people who are impacted by politicians’ decisions,” Haroutunian says.  “I see my journeys as social engagement and my artwork as its expression.”

In an effort to start building the 4Art&Adventure community locally and partially fund travel expenses, Haroutunian is offering an advance subscription to the prints that will be inspired by this mission and created on her return.  This is an affordable opportunity for supporters to expand their art collection, and become a partner in these adventures.

About Dionne Haroutunian 

Artist Dionne Haroutunian moved to Seattle from Switzerland in 1985.  Inspired by artists of the past, in 1991 she created the Sev Shoon Arts Center, a professional printmaking center with 24/7 studio access, classes, international artist residencies and exhibition opportunities. In 2003, with three partners, she developed BallardWorks, a large artists’ studio building with a vibrant community of artists and art businesses, many of whom participate in the monthly Ballard ARTwalk. Working as a fulltime studio artist, she exhibits her work in Seattle and around the United States. Haroutunian has travelled extensively as an exhibiting artist and teacher, visiting universities and art centers in Nigeria, Mexico, Switzerland, and China where she was recently appointed Visiting Professor at the Changsha Normal University.

About 4Art&Adventure

The seeds of 4Art&Adventure were planted when Dionne Haroutunian took a trip around the world in her twenties and was left with an unwavering love for traveling and other cultures, that led her to shape a life around her passions: Art, Community and Travel. She has spent the past 30 years building communities as a volunteer, traveling artist, teacher, and business owner.



To offset trip expenses, I am offering a print subscription. It is based on the principle that I sell prints now and create them after I come back from my trip. This is an opportunity for you to expand your collection of art in an affordable way, and become not only a partner in my new adventures but an active link in the web of human connections that I am creating.

 This is how it works:

  • All participants will receive regular blog update alerts by email
  • $30 a postcard from “somewhere interesting!”
  • $50: a 4”x8” silkscreen print from one of my pen & ink travel sketches
  • $150: a 9”x12”silkscreen print
  • $350: a 8”x8” section of “Tree of Life”, mixed media on paper on panel (see picture attached)
  • $500: a 15”x22” limited edition, original print* (example: “Trepidations”, below)
  • $800: a 22”x30” limited edition, original print*  ** (example: “Trepidations”, below) and an emailed story that won’t be published until after I return
  • $1200: a 22”x30” unique monoprint*  ** (examples: “Witness”, “Departure”, “Taking A Stand”) and an emailed story that won’t be published until after I return

* To create these works, I will combine several of the following techniques: etching, woodblock, photocopy lithography, monotype, stencils, collagraph, viscosity, silkscreen, acrylics, and collage. 

** I am currently working with an artist to develop an interactive online component that I’m very excited about.


I am hoping that you will choose to participate. Thank you for your continued support.