Dionnne Haroutunian

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Photo taken by Gayle Murphy at Mad Moto Madness

An active member of the Seattle arts community, Dionne works out of her BallardWorks studio in Seattle. You can often meet her and discuss her artwork and travels during the monthly Ballard ARTwalk. That is… if she is not adventuring somewhere else on that day! She discovered printmaking at the Pratt Fine Art Center in Seattle where she started taking classes in 1989. “I completely fell in love and my passion for this medium has remained unchanged through the years. I work much like a painter, combining many print techniques – silkscreen, etching, monotype, woodblock, collagraph and others to create one-of-a-kind prints (monoprints).” 

Dionne’s motorcycle forays are one of the  sources of inspiration behind her artwork and writing. Riding a motorcycle is a remarkable mode of travel because it removes the separation between environment and self. “When I ride, I experience the landscape through my senses, instead of simply observing it from a distance.” Another critical aspect of motorcycling is that the probability for chance meetings and unexpected discoveries is increased; people gravitate toward motorcyclists and strike up conversations. “These fortuitous exchanges contribute to my overall sense of connection in the world.”