Landscapes of the Mind

After years spent working in printmaking, experimenting with new technologies and combining them with traditional approaches such as intaglio, lithography, and silkscreen, I surprised myself when I intuitively gravitated to century-old techniques for this body of work. I felt the urge to work in a bold and direct manner. Linoleum carving. Charcoal. A couple of years filled with enormous changes and transformations left me with raw emotions. I had no interest in technical exploration and sophisticated imagery. I didn’t want technique to distract from content.

Sometimes, exactly on the spot where we are standing, the earth opens and we fall into a gigantic hole. It simply swallows us. There are no warning signs. We are not given a map. The only thing we can do is to recognize and accept that we fell. The sooner we stop wishing things were different, the easier it gets. And even though it is dark, slowly our new environment grows in familiarity.

Albeit painful, I have found the search for a path – and the path itself – profoundly meaningful and engaging. I now see that the experience brought with it a sense of wonder, magic, and gentleness. These experiences form the context from which this new series of prints and drawings were created.

Prints in this series are linoleum carving mounted on wood. Sizes and prices vary, please contact Dionne for availability.