Adventures World Peace - Part 1

Geneva, Part 1: News From The Homeland!

June 27, 2016,
Indian Meditation

If I am not fighting wild beasts, riding on crazy roads, making mind-blowing discoveries and meeting remarkable people, is it still an adventure?

After a five-week silence and many attempts to write a blog, I looked up “adventure”:

  • an exciting or extraordinary event or series of events
  • bold undertaking: an undertaking involving uncertainty and risk
  • involvement in bold undertakings: the participation or willingness to participate in things that involve uncertainty and risk

Patrick, a friend of mine from Texas whom I met on the road last year, once said in the middle of a violent storm that seemed hellbent on destroying everybody’s tents “if we knew what was going to happen, it wouldn’t be an adventure!”

This particular adventure started a few days after I had arrived in Switzerland: An unfortunate motorcycle fall while exploring Washington’s trail system sent Mike straight to Harborview Hospital with a serious kidney injury. That happened exactly two days before he was supposed to come join me. In other words, his plane ticket had been swapped for a helicopter ride to the hospital! In my opinion, this falls under “involvement in bold undertakings” along with “uncertainty and risk”! Fortunately, this particular undertaking has a happy ending: Mike has now finally arrived in Geneva and is doing better every day.

During my extended stay in my hometown, there have been tons of interesting sightings. For one thing, taxes are very high in Switzerland and as a result there are many cultural festivals throughout the year. This weekend, with my nieces and nephews, I attended several concerts at the Fête de la Musique. The entire city center is closed off and dozens of stages are erected in parks, streets, boulevards… everywhere.

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Just today I listened to Reggae; Rock; a Big Band concert; an Andean music ensemble (composed solely of Swiss people!), Indian meditation music, and finally a wild’n’crazy Samba group. From classical to techno; dance; theater performances – it is endless!




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