Adventures, World Peace - Part 1

SLOVENIA, PART 2: Bikers’ Paradise

August 21, 2016,

La version française est en cours de traduction. Merci de votre patience.  Bikers: beware! Slovenia is paradise for us.  Geographically speaking, Slovenia is an endless chain of rolling hills and mountains, covered with crisscrossing roads that are

Adventures, World Peace - Part 1

AUSTRIA, PART 4: Too many notes?

August 17, 2016,

Version française en-dessous. Just a very short report on a wonderful Mozart concert we got to attend while in Vienna. After a little hesitation, we let the very convincing salesman in costume (a charming guy from Albania)

Adventures, World Peace - Part 1

CZECH REPUBLIC, PART 2: Lingering thoughts

July 28, 2016,

Version française en-dessous There is more to Czech Republic than just Prague. Beautiful landscapes dotted with villages the names of which seem unpronounceable at first but which become part of our vocabulary because of the wonderful people we meet. My friends Gaila and Tad founded MotoStays (www.motostays.com) to connect bikers and hosts throughout the world. In