“On the Road” is a series of banners that are infused with my motorcycle travels through the West. From the onset, my objective was to create a visual and sensory experience that would propel the viewer into experiencing the landscape the way I do while riding. I had no interest in displaying images on the walls of a gallery —- I wanted to FILL the gallery with ‘things’ (I didn’t know what they would be yet) that would sway gently in the breeze and as they walk THROUGH the exhibit, people would would be imbued with a sense of the unexpected.

One of the most significant ways that I comprehend the world is by riding my motorcycle. It’s a remarkable mode of travel because it removes the separation between my environment and myself. When I ride, I experience the landscape throughmy senses, instead of simply observing it from a distance. Just like a ribbon out of control, the road unravels through hills and plains, follows rivers and lakeshores with a sensuality matched by the intensity of focus that riding a motorcycle demands. For the duration of the ride, I become an integral part of my surroundings, as though I am living inside a painting.

Another prevailing aspect of motorcycling is the probability for chance meetings, as people gravitate toward bikers. They might unveil insightful local information or feel compelled to share personal stories. These fortuitous exchanges contribute to my overall sense of connection to the world at large.